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Clutch Assemblies

Clutch Assemblie

Shot Weight
Casting Weight : 0.120 Kgs to 0.191Kgs
Application : Automobile

Clutch Covers

Shot Weight
Casting Weight : 1.456 Kgs
Industry : Automobile

Housing Clutchs

Shot Weight
Casting Weight
Industry : Automobile
We Commit Timely Deliverables,
    Over Performing to ensure Customer Delight, Our Promise,
    Continually improve our Technical Expertise
Specialized in Auto Gear Transmission Housings, Belt Drives, Brake Panels, Cap Oil Filters, Clutch Assemblies, Clutch Covers, Cylinder Blocks
In addition to the Production Shop, we also have a Tool Room Facility for maintenance of Dies where regular Preventive Maintenance is carried out.
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